3 Signs You Need Professional Roofing Repair

Naturally, if a storm causes a branch to make a hole in your roof, you know you need to contact a roofer. However, there are some less subtle signs you may need to contact a professional roofer. If you would like to know more, check out these three signs your roof may need a repair. 1. You Have Missing/Damaged Shingles Missing and damaged shingles are often a part of regular wear and tear. Read More 

Is A High-Efficiency Gas Furnace A Worthy Investment For Your Home?

Are you in the market for a new gas furnace? Are you wondering whether a high-efficiency furnace is a worthy purchase for your home? High-efficiency furnaces are heating systems designed to use less energy to produce the same amount of heat as a conventional furnace. They have advanced features that can increase the overall heat output and generate significant energy savings. Below are three reasons a high-efficiency furnace is a worthy purchase for your home. Read More 

When Your Furnace Flame Sensor Malfunctions

When a furnace stops working, it is not always because some big or complex part has broken. Often, furnace failure can be blamed on a small, but vital, component. One component that tends to fail from time to time is the flame sensor. This part is meant to detect whether there is a flame on the burner and open the gas valve if there is. If there is no flame, the flame sensor will keep the gas valve closed so you don't get a gas leak. Read More 

5 Signs You Need AC Repair Services This Winter

As the winter season approaches, homeowners should be aware of certain signs that indicate their air conditioning system needs attention. While many people may think that AC systems are only necessary during the summer months, they can actually require repair and maintenance in order to function properly during the cooler months as well. To ensure that you have a comfortable and energy-efficient home this winter, it is important to recognize the 5 signs below which could mean you need AC repair services. Read More 

How To Lower Your Heating Bills

Heating your home can drive up your energy bills. However, keeping your home warm, especially during winter, shouldn't leave your pockets drained. The idea of staying in a comfortable and cozy house on a chilly day without having to pay a high utility bill is what you should look forward to. Below are tips to help you reduce your household's heating costs. Dress Warmly for the Cold Weather Wearing heavy clothes during winter will keep you warm without turning on the furnace. Read More