4 Reasons Your Furnace Can’t Run Long Enough After It Cycles On

If your furnace turns on and blows warm air but it doesn't run very long, the problem might be restricted airflow, a dirty furnace, or a tripped safety mechanism. You don't want to run your furnace when it shuts down too soon, especially if it can't run long enough to warm up your house, or the furnace might be damaged. Here are some possible causes of this problem. 1. The Blower Motor Is Bad Read More 

Three Sounds You Don’t Want To Hear From Your Furnace

Apart from the gentle clicking as your unit begins and ends a cycle, you should rarely, if ever, hear a sound coming from your furnace. For that reason, if your furnace sounds like a bunch of bolts rattling around in the back of a pickup truck, you need to schedule a residential heating repair service right away. Failure to do so can result in small issues becoming major problems down the road, so getting it taken care of now will ensure that you keep more money in your pocket. Read More 

Can I Install My Own Furnace?

Any time that a furnace decides to go out completely, it's a bad time. But when the cold months of winter approach, a furnace that's in need of replacement is potentially even dangerous. Not only can your family suffer, but your home — including your pipes, fixtures, and even flooring — can be at risk also. In a bid to try and save money, many homeowners are looking to perform as many home maintenance tasks as they can themselves. Read More 

Ready For A More Comfortable Home? Install A Mini Split Air Conditioning System

Air conditioning is a modern amenity that most homeowners can't imagine living without. Most homes are equipped with a forced-air cooling system, but there are other options available. A mini-split ductless air conditioning system has the potential to maximize the comfort of your living space. You can enjoy a wide range of benefits when making the switch to a mini-split system for your home. Here's a look at just a few of those options. Read More 

Troubleshooting An HVAC Pilot Light

Whether it's on your boiler, water heater, or furnace, a pilot light that won't stay lit can be a major problem. With gas-powered appliances, the pilot is a necessary part of the system, without which it won't run. Fortunately, most pilot light issues are an easy fix once you know the cause of the problem. Dirt and Dust One of the most common reasons for a constantly failing pilot light is dirt and dust on the pilot opening or the tip of the pilot gas valve. Read More