What To Look For In An Air Conditioning Service Contract

A service contract helps you keep your air conditioning system in good shape. Your HVAC company will come to service your system to a set schedule. They will run regular checks, do essential maintenance jobs, and make any necessary repairs.

However, not all service contracts offer the same services. Before you decide which HVAC company to use, you need to know how your contract will work. Read on to learn more.

Service Schedule

All service contracts give you a schedule of visits during the contract term. On a basic level, a contract might include one annual visit. During this visit, your contractor will check your system and do basic maintenance tasks.

However, some contracts include more service visits. For example, some companies will come out on a service visit to check that your system is good to go before you start using it in the summer. They then come back for another service at the end of the summer. Here, they winterize your system to ensure that everything is in good working order at the end of its cooling season.

Included and Excluded Costs

Before you sign a service contract, you need to know which services you will get for your money. Typically, your contractor will check your system, make sure that it is fit for use, and tune it up. Look at the contract terms to see your exact included coverage. Then, look at your included and excluded costs.

Your service contract terms should include the costs of any basic maintenance work such as cleaning or changing filters during a service visit. You shouldn't have extra costs for parts or labor during servicing work unless your system has a more serious problem that isn't included in your contract.

If your contractor spots a problem during a service visit, such as a broken or damaged part, then your contract won't usually cover the costs of this repair. So, you need to know how much you will pay for this work. Contracts should explain when you will have to pay for work and how much it will cost.

Additional Benefits

Some air conditioning service contracts come with useful extra benefits. For example, some companies offer discounted parts or priority repair call-outs for customers with a service contract.

These benefits reduce repair costs if your system has a problem while you are under contract. They also make it easier to get repairs when you need them.

To find out more, talk to local HVAC companies about their residential air conditioning service contracts.