Putting the "V" Back into HVAC: Ventilation Strategies and Successes

Troubleshooting An HVAC Pilot Light

Whether it's on your boiler, water heater, or furnace, a pilot light that won't stay lit can be a major problem. With gas-powered appliances, the pilot is a necessary part of the system, without which it won't run. Fortunately, most pilot light issues are an easy fix once you know the cause of the problem. Dirt and Dust One of the most common reasons for a constantly failing pilot light is dirt and dust on the pilot opening or the tip of the pilot gas valve. Read More 

There Are A Lot Of Things HVAC Contractors Handle

There are so many different ways an HVAC contractor can help you out with your heating or air conditioning system, as well as with some other things such as the water heater, air cleaners, and more. The information you will find offered in this writing can help you to have a better idea of the types of services you can turn to an HVAC contractor for.  Your Air Conditioning System Read More 

Troubleshooting 3 Common Gas Furnace Pilot Light Problems

The last thing you need in the middle of a frigid winter night is for your home's gas furnace to stop working. Unfortunately, furnace problems rarely present themselves at "convenient" times. For gas furnaces, many heating problems can be traced back to issues with the pilot light and/or gas supply. By knowing how to do some basic troubleshooting on your furnace's pilot light, you can get a better idea of what the problem might be and determine when to call a furnace repair contractor. Read More 

2 Key Reasons You Should Not Overlook Ductwork Cleaning

Your air conditioning system plays an important part in keeping you comfortable. It is a convenience that most people do not think about until they experience an issue that requires repairs. Air conditioning tune-ups are an excellent defense against mechanical failures. The tune-up service visits usually involve inspecting the system to identify potential problems and to fix the issues before a system breakdown occurs.  Intact ductwork is necessary for various reasons. Read More 

Summer AC Repair: Problems You May Face And How To Fix

Your air conditioning system works its hardest during the summer months, and because of this, it is during this time of year that the air conditioner is more likely to experience issues with its operation. In the event that your AC system fails on you, it is important that you are equipped with the knowledge to identify the problem so that you can either repair it yourself or contact a professional and relay some important details that will help them in the repair. Read More