What Determines The Amount In Your AC Replacement Quote?

You might be surprised at the factors that determine the price of your AC replacement quote. Knowing these things before you get an estimate will help you get your AC replaced more quickly and at an affordable price. Here are the main factors that will impact the amount in your AC replacement quote.

1. Type of AC system

When you're getting a new AC installed, it helps to know what you have. This will determine which repair services and replacement units you need, from ductless air conditioning units, heat pumps, or packaged central air conditioning systems. 

Each of these types of systems varies in the complexity of installation. Some require ductwork, and some don't. The harder it is to install, the higher the labor charges. 

2. Installation Design Complexity 

Any competent AC repair service will take time to make a functional design, even for a replacement unit. The design can become tricky if you want to extend the AC coverage or change from one AC type to another, e.g., switch from a ductless to a ducted system. The more time spent on this task, the higher you expect to pay. 

3. AC  Cooling Capacity

The cooling capacity of an AC is directly tied to how long it will take to cool down a certain space. You can determine an AC's cooling capacity based on its BTU or tonnage rating.

It is best to engage AC services when determining the cooling capacity for the AC replacement; more factors go into it than floor space. Higher cooling capacity means a bigger AC  and higher costs. 

4. Duct System Length

If you go for a ducted system, laying the duct system will be one of the major costs. The difficulty depends on the length and the building's layout. The AC service will spend the biggest chunk of time on this task;  the quote rises with difficulty in the ductwork.

5. AC Brand 

Old popular brands often charge more because their products have higher demand. Customers are also more likely to accept a higher price for a familiar brand. 

New brands offer lower prices to attract new customers. You need to educate yourself on what makes a good AC  based on features rather than brand. But if you go for the latest model of a popular brand, expect to pay more. 

Replacing the AC comes with benefits in higher efficiency, comfort, and high indoor air quality. However, you must be aware of what you want because it has a cost implication. Call AC services to explore your options for a suitable AC replacement for your home.