Tips To Remember Before Air Conditioning Installation

One way to ensure your home is comfier throughout the warm months is by installing air conditioners. Today's units have advanced features, and their efficiency is guaranteed. Besides, they are designed for greater comfort and can conserve energy in the long run.

But before you can start your project, it's crucial to familiarize yourself with key air conditioning installation tips. This way, you will ensure the AC meets your cooling needs, saves energy, and functions optimally for years. Some of these guidelines are shared below.

Buy the Right Type

Before you shop for an air conditioning unit, it's vital to know that they come in two primary types. The first is a split system, where the air handler and evaporator coil are indoors while the condensing unit is outdoors. The other type is a package system, where all the evaporator coil, condensing unit, and air handler are installed in one area. The box may be placed on the ground or roof, and ducts link to it directly. 

You need to consider factors like pre-existing ductwork, budget, size of the house, and climatic conditions to make a smart choice. AC units that require ductwork will be more costly if you don't have pre-existing ductwork. In this case, you can go for mini-split or window AC systems. You can always consult your AC contractor about buying an air conditioner that suits your structure, cooling needs, and budget.

Familiarize Yourself with Energy Efficiency Ratings

If you want to save on energy expenses and reduce your carbon footprint, you will need to know the energy efficiency ratings before buying your unit. Your AC contractor can help you with this, but there are two key things you need to look for: the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) and the Energy Star label. 

Many air conditioners today have a high seasonal energy efficiency ratio, so consult with your contractor before making a choice regarding AC system installation. The rating shows the efficiency of the unit, which doesn't compromise performance. When you research, you will realize efficient units are pricey, but you will save a lot in the long run.

Select a Competent AC Contractor

Air conditioner installation projects are costly, so you cannot afford to make mistakes. One way to ensure the project runs successfully is to pick a seasoned AC contractor. Opt for technicians who are trained and licensed and have handled projects like yours in the past. 

A good contractor understands that clients need reassurance so they will be ready to prove they have a license, insurance, permit, and other vital credentials. They will also share customer reviews and portfolios for projects they have handled before.