Boiler Repairs That Are Going To Be Needed When Your Heating Fails

There are a lot of different things that can cause your boiler to fail and the heating to not work. Thus, you'll need to hire HVAC contractors to provide the necessary boiler repairs. First, you may want to learn how to identify the problems with your boiler. Read on to learn more. 

Electrical Systems and Controllers

The first area where you may have problems with your boiler is the electrical systems. Therefore, your troubleshooting should probably start with checking the breaker box and the main power to the boiler. If the problem is not with your home's electrical systems, it may be due to a control panel problem. If there are issues with the controls of the boiler, they may need to be repaired or replaced.

Problems with the Water Pumps Failing

Your boiler uses water pumps for several different needs of your heating system and household plumbing. These water pumps circulate water through the heating system and provide pressure to the hot water lines. Thus, an HVAC contractor may address issues such as damaged pump wiring, turbines freezing, and worn-out pump motors. You may want to have the pumps checked if you are having any of these problems with your heating.

Burner Problems That Cause Failures

The burner is another component of your boiler that can cause problems with your system. Therefore, issues with the burner may need to be repaired when you are having problems with your heating system. Some of the issues with the boiler burner that may need to be repaired include igniter and pilot light issues, damaged gas valves, and fans not working properly.

Boiler Tubing and Exhaust System Problems

The boiler tubing is another area where you can have problems with your heating system. This is because it is vulnerable to damage due to the heat of the burner and the carbon that builds up on the tubes. This is why one of the most common repairs that boilers need as they age is retubing. In addition to the retubing of the boiler, the exhaust pipes also need to be checked. The flue pipes of the boiler will need to be replaced if they are deteriorating and causing problems.

These are some of the boiler repairs that you may need to have done when your heating fails this winter. Contact a local boiler repair service to get help dealing with these issues this winter.