Purchasing A Tiny Home? 3 Ways You Can Keep It Cool

If you are purchasing a tiny home, you will quickly notice that it can become hot much quicker than a larger home. To help with this, there are different ways you can keep your home cool, three of which are listed below.

Roof Mounted Air Conditioning Unit

If your tiny home is on wheels, you can install a roof mounted air conditioning unit. These residential air conditioning systems are much like what you see on RVs. Along with air conditioning, these units are also used to provide heat for your tiny home.

In order to install a roof-mounted AC unit, the contractor will first create an opening on the roof of your home. The duct work is installed in the attic, and the duct work is then connected to the AC system.

There are many benefits of rooftop AC units, the main one being that it will save you space. This is especially beneficial if you also live on a small piece of land. Roof top units are also less noisy, and these units stay cleaner as they are not exposed to debris from the ground.

Mini Split AC System

Mini split AC systems consists of an evaporator, which is the indoor air handling unit, and an outdoor condenser/compressor. This type of system is much easier to install than larger types of AC systems. In most cases, a contractor only has to cut a small hole through a wall in order to install the conduit.

As with roof mounted AC systems, the mini split system can also heat your tiny home.

There are many benefits of a spit AC system. For example, these systems are much more energy efficient because only a small hole is required for installation. Little duct work is also used, and in some cases, no duct work is used at all. Because there can be air loss through duct work, this offers more energy efficiency to your home.

Mini split AC system are also much quieter when compared to traditional HVAC units. It is easy to control the temperature inside your tiny home using remote controls or timers. You will pay less for labor as it will not take long for an HVAC contractor to install this type of AC system.

Talk with an HVAC contractor about other ways you can keep your tiny home cool this summer. This contractor can also give you much more information about the two types of cooling systems above.