Is Your Heating Emergency An Actual Emergency? What To Check

If your furnace isn't working, it can be tempting to call an emergency HVAC company to come out right away. There isn't anything wrong with calling a company to have your heat repaired, but if it isn't an emergency, then you're paying quite a bit of money in service fees. Read on for a few things to check before actually calling a service technician to repair your furnace.

Check The Air Filter

If your furnace filter is clogged with dust and dander, air isn't going to be able to get through to your furnace. This will shut down your furnace and cause it to not restart. Pull out you filter and check it for debris. If it's full of dust and dander, put a new one in. Then hit the reset button(s) on your furnace near the blower motor to restart your furnace. If your filter was clean, then move on to the next paragraph.

Check The Power

If the breaker was somehow turned off, it would cause you to not have power to your furnace. Check the breaker to be sure you didn't pop the breaker. Also check to be sure the furnace didn't get unplugged. If it wasn't the breaker or the plug wasn't unplugged, then move on for more troubleshooting help.

Check The Gas

If your furnace doesn't have any gas, it isn't going to run. Test it to be sure the gas wasn't turned off or that there isn't an issue with your gas line. If you aren't sure about checking the gas, then call out a professional for help with this. Don't attempt to touch the gas line if you aren't comfortable with this. You can see if there is a flame in your furnace, so if there isn't one it's a problem.

Check Your Thermostat

Test your thermostat to be sure it isn't an issue with your thermostat. If the thermostat isn't on, it may be a bad battery or an issue with the wiring on the thermostat. Inspect your thermostat battery and wiring, then attempt to adjust the temperature to see if the furnace kicks on. If it isn't working, check the thermostat wire where it attaches to the furnace to be sure it is in place. 

If your furnace is still not working properly after doing some troubleshooting of your own, then it's time to call out an emergency heating repair service to have your furnace repaired.