How To Keep Your Indoor Air Healthy This Winter

Once the cold days of winter arrive, chances are you will be inside your home more often to get out of the frigid weather. Spending time in front of the fire is a common activity. Along with cold weather, however, comes indoor allergens clouding your home's air quality. To keep your home healthy this winter season, consider implementing the following tips:

Allow Fresh Air Inside

You may encounter some days which are warmer than others during the winter season. If you do, allow some fresh air to flow through your home. Open some windows when the temperatures are at their warmest. You do not need to leave them open for long, just long enough to get the stale air out of the house.

Consider a Ventilation System

If you live in frigid climates and opening windows is simply not possible during the winter, a ventilation system may be an option. A ventilation system will draw outdoor air inside to replace the air inside the home. These systems use fans to help move the air through the home to freshen your indoor air without adding cold to the house.

Look at Humidity Levels

At the start of the winter season, have your HVAC technician check the humidity levels in your home. You need higher humidity in the winter season, as the excess moisture combined with the warm temperature in the home is a haven for mildew and mold growth. These spores can flow through the air in the house and eventually cause illness for you and your family. If your home is too humid, you will need to run dehumidifiers during the day to stave off excess moisture.

Clean Your Fire Sources

 If you use a fireplace or a wood-burning stove as your primary heating source, it is important you clean it on a regular basis. Remove the burned ash before you light it for the day. Not doing so allows bits of ash to flow through your indoor air. If you see any soot gathering on the ceilings or anywhere else in the home, clean it right away. Soot contains dangerous carcinogens which can gravely harm your health.

The winter season is a magical time, but it is also a time of excess illness and stale indoor air. To prevent getting sick, make sure your air quality is good. Before the winter begins, call your local licensed furnace repairs technician for a tune-up to make sure your system is ready to go.