4 Practical Ways to Save on Your Home’s Heating Oil Costs

Who doesn't want to save money? Unless you're taking steps to heat your home more efficiently – you're not working towards this goal. Fortunately, keeping your home warmer without breaking the budget is something you can accomplish. Here are some tips to get you started.

Sign a Contract

If you're only purchasing your heating oil on an on-demand basis, consider signing a contract. A contract is a great way to lower your heating oil costs. First, you get the benefit of locking in a fixed rate. The price of oil fluctuates, but when you're in a fixed contract, any hikes in costs won't affect you. Second, for your long-term commitment, some providers will offer you additional deals and incentives. Talk to a company like Olympic Energy LLC for more information.

Close Your Doors

You might be able to lower your heating costs by closing some of the doors in your home. For instance, if your basement is draftier than the rest of your home, keep the door to the basement closed. Keeping this cold air confined will keep the rest of your home warmer, allowing you to minimize your dependence on your heating system. You can do this with other areas of your home, including closets and bathrooms.

Arrange Furniture Wisely

Arrange furniture around your home wisely. This is an especially important step if your registers are located on the floor. Take your living room, for instance. Placing a large television cabinet in front of the register will prevent the heat from efficiently flowing through the room. The better arrangement would be to place the couch or other seating pieces near the register. Since this is the area where you will spend most of your time, being closer to the vent will keep you warmer. 

Invest in Good Window Coverings

When you purchase coverings for your windows, the style of the coverings should only be one part of the search process. You also want to ensure you are purchasing coverings that will do a good job at keeping the cold air out and the warm air trapped inside. Shades made from dual layers of fabric, heavyweight drapes, and plantation blinds are just some of the solutions that can minimize heat transfer and help you save on your energy bills.

Remember, it's your money, spend it wisely on heating. Ensure you are working towards this goal to keep your home warmer and save money at the same time.