Three Ways Your Pets Might Be Damaging Your Air Conditioning Unit

If your air conditioning unit hasn't been working as well as you would like, there is a chance that your pets might be the culprit. Pets can inadvertently do damage or cause your AC unit to work overtime. Here are three things your pet might be doing that are causing damage to your AC unit and how to avoid them.

1. Shedding Fur and Dander

If your cat or dog sheds quite a bit, this can make your AC unit less efficient by blocking vents and filling up air filters. Pets tend to shed more when the weather heats up, right when you will be cranking up the AC the most. Change air filters more often than recommended if you have furry friends. Another way to clear unwanted fur is to add vacuuming AC vents to your cleaning routine. If you can have your pets groomed or their fur clipped more often, this will help them track in less fur that leads to clogged vents.

2. Urinating on External AC Unit

Not all AC problems stem inside of the home. If your dog or cat is urinating on the AC unit outside of your home, this can do both superficial and real damage to your AC unit's overall efficiency. Urine can leave unsightly stains on your exterior unit. Over time this can corrode through to the inner workings of your AC unit and cause damages that will need to be looked at by an air conditioning repair specialist. Dogs and cats both want to lay claim to their territory, so be sure to hose down the area around your AC unit. This will keep this area clear of continued markings from your pets and other animal visitors.

3. AC Overuse in Summer for Furry Guys

If you have pets that really feel the heat in the summer, you might be more apt to leave your AC unit on at lower temperatures during the day just for them. Leaving your AC unit on throughout the day and night during heat waves can cause your air conditioning unit to need maintenance more often, especially with an older unit. You might also have an industrious pet that lies on air conditioning vents, leading to disrupted airflow efficiency throughout the house. Try to think of alternatives that can help an overheated dog or cat. Get your pet's fur trimmed, install fans, or invest in cooling mats for your pets in the summer to give your AC unit a break.

If your pet might be causing your AC unit to work inefficiently, just remember that your pets don't know any better. It is up to you to take steps to ensure that your pet doesn't inadvertently cause damage to your AC unit. You can co-exist with your pet and your AC in the summer if you are proactive about their needs.

For more information about making your AC unit last, see Tropic Air Conditioning INC or your local AC specialist.