AC Broke? Learn How To Quickly Cool Down Your Home

A home can become uncomfortably hot when your AC is broken at the peak of summer. Thankfully, there are ways to quickly cool down your home when that happens. Follow these tips, and you'll be able to make your home more bearable until you have your AC serviced and repaired.

Use Cross Breezes When Possible

The best time to use a cross breeze is early in the morning or late in the evening. All you need to do is open two windows that are on opposite sides of the house. Make sure that all doors are open between the two windows so that the flow of air is uninterrupted.

If you do not have a good flow of air going due to lack of wind, you can attempt to simulate a cross breeze with two fans. Place one fan in a window, and have it blow air into your house. Another fan can go in the opposite window and suck the air out of the house.

Remove Your Rugs

Hardwood floods are great for quickly cooling down a house, but not if the rugs are on top of them. Carpet will naturally insulate your home, which will keep the hot air inside the room. Remove the carpeting and it should help the room feel cooler. At the very least, the colder wood floor will feel better on your feet than a rug.

Use A Fan With An Ice Bucket

Don't have a window air conditioner? You can make a temporary one with a fan and a large bucket of ice. The fan doesn't even need to be in a window either. Just set the fan directly above the opening of the bucket, and the cold air from the ice will get pushed around the room thanks to the fan.

While a bag of ice from the grocery store works, you will have better success if you can find a large block of ice.

Keep The Blinds Closed

If your air conditioner just broke down, you can keep some of that cool air inside by closing all the blinds. It will stop the heat from getting in through your windows and warming up your home.

Stay On Your First Floor

Hot air will rise, making the upper floor of your home one of the hottest places to be. Stay on your first floor as much as possible where the temperature will be a few degrees cooler.

With these tips you will be able to withstand the heat until you can get your air conditioner fixed or replaces with a company like Snipps Heat & Air Inc.