Have A Refrigeration System? 2 Tips To Keep It Maintained

If you use a refrigeration system, you need to keep it maintained. This will ensure it runs properly, and proper maintenance can help the system last much longer. Below are two maintenance tips so you won't have to replace your refrigeration system soon.

Keep It Clean

It is important that you keep the refrigeration system clean for many reasons. Things spill in a refrigerator, such as beverages and food. You may have liquid dripping and not realize it. If you are busy, you may not have time to stop and clean things up as they happen. The longer the refrigerator stays dirty, the harder it will be to clean it.

You do not need to use harsh cleaners that have chemicals or any abrasives, as these things can cause damage. If you clean spills as they happen, you will only need a mild cleaner and a damp rag to clean them up. Spills that are not cleaned will cause an odor, and mold can easily grow on these things. The last thing you want is mold inside of a refrigerator. If this happens, you will have to remove all the food and dispose of it, as mold can be dangerous. 

Make Sure There Is Good Airflow

It is important that your refrigeration system have good air flow. For example, you need to ensure the exhaust and air intake vents on the outside of the system are not blocked. If this happens, your refrigeration system will have to work much harder to maintain the right temperature. This extra work means your system may not last as long as it normally would. Your electricity bills will also go up because the cooling system will run longer. If you have a small kitchen, see if there is anything you do not use to give more room for the refrigeration system. You also need to keep the system cleaned out. If it is packed too full, there will not be adequate airflow. 

You also need to keep the inside of the refrigeration system cleaned out regularly. It can be easy for food to pile up, especially if you are busy. A refrigeration system that is packed too full will also cause inadequate airflow. Put a note on the refrigerator reminding employees to keep it cleaned out.

Hire a refrigerator maintenance technician from a company like JAM Mechanical to inspect and maintain your refrigeration system. They will also tell you of more maintenance you need to do to the system.