Can I Install My Own Furnace?

Any time that a furnace decides to go out completely, it's a bad time. But when the cold months of winter approach, a furnace that's in need of replacement is potentially even dangerous. Not only can your family suffer, but your home — including your pipes, fixtures, and even flooring — can be at risk also.

In a bid to try and save money, many homeowners are looking to perform as many home maintenance tasks as they can themselves. But when it comes to a furnace installation, this is one thing you should leave to a professional for the reasons that are outlined below.


If your home runs on gas, it's actually illegal for you to hook up the gas connection to your furnace in the first place. But just because you use electricity doesn't mean that you're out of the woods yet; the risk of electric shock is substantial at any stage of the installation process, which means it needs to be administered by professionals. Apart from the danger of gas leaks and electrocutions, you also have to weigh the danger of lugging a unit to the installation place in the first place. Failure to set it appropriately can cause major damage to your home.


Today's furnaces are complex enough that even the slightest misadjustment during the installation process can merit a whole slew of furnace repairs. Fans that are misaligned, a motor that is working too hard, and ductwork that is run efficiently throughout the house will develop more problems over time if it's installed correctly. Not only that, but furnace maintenance will also become harder; since the HVAC company won't be aware of what the state of the furnace was when it was installed, it will be harder to diagnose and treat issues.


As mentioned above, one of the many reasons for a homeowner to try and do their own DIY repairs and maintenance around the house is because of a perceived lower cost. In reality, when you factor the time off from work, the price spent on a new unit, and the tools to install it — most of which are acquired directly from the manufacturer at a significant discount — it may actually cost more to install it yourself, even accounting for the lower labor costs. And if a furnace installation goes wrong and causes damage to your house, those furnace repairs can add up in a hurry as well. All in all, it's cheaper to hire a professional almost every time.

For more information about furnace installation, contact a local HVAC professional.