What Happens With A Neglected AC Unit?

Your air conditioner likely proves to be very useful on hot days and, in some areas, it may even be a necessity. However, the air conditioner is mostly out of sight and with the exception of occasionally adjusting the thermostat and enjoying the cool air coming from the vents, you probably don't give it much thought. However, air conditioning maintenance is something you do want to make sure you do. Cleaning the air filter and having the system serviced are things you need to put on your to-do lists. Here are some of the things that can happen if you neglect your air conditioning system.

Dirt Issues

Dirty coils happen, and this can affect the way in which your system cools your home. Dirty coils can restrict the air flow of your unit, which makes it harder for you to achieve the cooler temperature you want. It can also increase the chance of developing mildew and mold. Dirty filters are also very bad because they make the system work a lot harder, putting more wear and tear on the system and raising your monthly bills. Eventually, a severely dirty filter can destroy the system completely. A dirty filter can also affect the air quality inside of the home.

Condenser Issues

A condenser can become blocked if not serviced regularly, and this will affect the transference of heat that normally takes place. If not repaired periodically, the system can be at risk of burning out completely. Also, the blower can become dirty, which means it will need to work harder, which raises costs and adds more wear and tear to the system. If the blower gets too dirty, then it can cause your air conditioner to fail, which can lead to many other problems.

Leak Issues

A serious leak can happen, but they generally start out small. When a technician comes to service the system, small leaks are some of the things they can generally spot right away, so they can fix them. Skipping servicing can allow what was a small leak to become larger. The larger the leak, the harder the system needs to work to try to reach the cooler temperature you're trying to achieve. This means a lot of wear can be put on the system in a short period of time and your monthly bills can raise by a good amount with regards to the energy costs.


Annual servicing and regular filter cleaning are the two main things that you can do that can prevent the issues that you have read about in this article.