Causes And Signs Of AC Fan Motor Malfunction

The air conditioner (AC) fan motor is responsible for circulating cool air in your house. Your house will experience impaired cooling if the fan motor malfunctions. Below are some of the common causes and signs of such malfunctions.

The Common Causes

The AC fan motor can fail for several reasons, including the following common ones.

Electrical Malfunctions

The AC fan motor has both electrical and mechanical parts since it turns electrical energy into mechanical energy. The electrical parts can overheat and burn if subjected to a higher-than-normal amount of electricity—for example, if there is a short circuit or an electrical power surge. Such malfunctions would interfere with the operations of the motor.

Dirt and Debris

The fan motor produces some heat as it operates. This heat needs to be dissipated because there is a temperature limit on efficient operations of the motor. If the motor is clogged with dirt, the heat will be trapped in the motor, the motor will overheat, and it might fail.


The fan motor is integral to the operations of the AC, so anything that causes the AC to overwork also forces the motor to overwork. For example, if the filters are clogged or the AC is undersized, it will run all the time in a bid to keep the house cool. Such overworking not only overheats the motor, but it also increases the rate of wear and tear, and both of these issues can lead to motor failure.

The Tops Signs

Your AC won't function as usual if the fan motor is failing or about to fail. Below are some of the specific signs to watch out for.

There Is No Air Circulation

Since the main function of the fan motor is to circulate cool air, the lack of air circulation is a classic sign of fan motor malfunction. The AC will be on and running as usual, but your house won't be cool because the air won't be circulating.

The Fan Is Misbehaving

You should also suspect a fan motor problem if the fan is misbehaving. An example is if the fan runs and stops intermittently, is slower than usual, cannot start at all, or doesn't stop even when you switch off the AC.

Fan Motor Is Noisy

Lastly, the fan motor may also be malfunctioning if it is noisier than usual. The fan motor should only emit a low hum if it is operating as usual. Loud buzzing, humming, or rattling noises from the motor signify a problem.

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