Pests And The HVAC System

One of the lesser known problems that can happen with your HVAC system has to do with pests. You can find your system being damaged by pests. Different types of pests can damage your system in various ways. By learning what pests can do and what you can look for to prevent them from damaging your system, you can stay proactive.

Pests Can Cause Wire Damage

Some types of pests can cause a great deal of damage to your HVAC system by chewing the wires and other important components. You'll have to worry more about the smaller rodents with regards to your condenser since larger pests like raccoons can't access the inner workings of the compressor. The housing for the condenser will have vents on the sides with small spacing. While too small for raccoons, rodents like mice and rats can fit through the spaces because they elongate their bodies to fit through small spaces. Mice can dislocate their jaw to fit through small spaces.

Pests Can Damage an HVAC Motor

Ants can end up near the condenser during a rain because they are attracted to the acidity. When the ants meet the contactor, they get electrocuted. When this happens, the ants put out pheromones that attract more ants. When those ants get electrocuted it can cause the system to short-circuit.

Pests Can Cause Ductwork Problems

Bigger pests, such as raccoons, can wreak havoc on the ducts. Animals like raccoons have very sharp claws. If these animals should make their way into your ducts, they can do a lot of damage with those claws by puncturing the ducts. Holes in your ductwork allow the cooled and/or heated air to escape.

Pests can get in the ducts and die. Once they die, they cause a horrible odor that can last for quite a while, depending on the size of the pest. If you are dealing with a small mouse, then the odor may go away in as little as a week. However, if you have a raccoon die in your ducts, then you can be looking at longer than a month before you are going to be able to get rid of the smell.


Having your system serviced annually can help to prevent many issues with pests. The technician can spot issues that leave your system more open to pests getting in it. Also, when they are looking in the condenser, they will be able to see signs a rodent has been in there and take measures to make sure they don't return.

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