Drawbacks And Advantages Of Window AC Units

Cordless window AC units are sold for the fraction of the price of central air conditioners. They obviously don't have the range of central AC, but they could be the most practical option for your property. This article explains the drawbacks and advantages of window AC units.

Advantages of Window Units

The best thing about cordless window AC units is their convenience. They are sold at many common retailers and they are affordable. They just need to be plugged in to run. On top of this, most units have special mounting mechanisms that enable you to attach them to almost any window unit without any screws. They rest on the window sill and the top is held up by the movable sash. As long as you can lift the unit, you can install it yourself. They are a cheap and effective way to cool off single rooms, small studios, and other limited spaces.

Disadvantages of Window Units

Another drawback of window units is that they have limited filtering systems. Since there is only one filtering point, the airflow is not going to be as dynamic so the filtering won't be as complete. To many homeowners, the biggest disadvantage of window units is that they are ugly. Basically, you have a large plastic appliance mounted inside your window that is highly visible on the inside and outside of your property. They just aren't very stylish and they don't match with most existing interior or exterior decor. Some people will take out their window units during the winter. They often need to do this if they live somewhere cold and snowy. The window unit will not be a good insulator. Other simple remove their AC units as soon as possible because they don't like the way that they look.

Another drawback to window units is that they can only work in one room at a time. Some people will try to supplement their airflow by using fans to help circulate the air. But, you can expect to cool multiple rooms with just one unit. If you install several units in window throughout your home, they are going to suck up a lot of electricity. Central AC system use gas and electricity to cool down a home, so they are much cheaper to run.

In conclusion, central air conditioning is probably the better choice for larger homes, but window units are perfect for small homes and studios. For more information, contact companies like Custom Heating &  Air Conditioning LLC.