3 Tips For Using Your Air Conditioner During The Winter Months

If you live in a Southern state, there is a good chance that you may need to turn your air conditioner on during the winter months when the temperatures unexpectedly get a little too warm for comfort. When you are not using your air conditioner that frequently, there are a few specific things you need to do to ensure that you get the most of your air conditioner when you need it this winter, such as:

#1 Keep an Eye On Your Air Filter

Be sure to keep an eye on your air filter. Having a clean air filter is key to high air quality. A clean air filter is also vitally important for reducing the stress on your air conditioner as it operates.

If you didn't change your air filter at the end of the summer, you should change it at the start of this winter. That way, you know you will be breathing clean air every time you turn on your air conditioner. If you only use your air conditioner periodically during the winter months, you may be able to make it through the entire winter with only one air filter. If you find yourself using the air filter frequently though, you may need to change it more often this summer.

#2 Switch to Manual Mode

Turn off your automated thermostat and put it on manual mode. During the winter, you most likely don't need to have your air conditioner running all the time like you do in the summer when you use the programmable mode on your air conditioning system. Since you only need to turn your air conditioner on for those random warm winter days, putting your air conditioner on manual is your best bet. That way you can set your thermostat for what you need for those warm days, and turn your thermostat off when you don't need it.

#3 Keep Your Home At A Consistent Temperature

Try to find a consistent temperature that you like to keep your home at. For example, maybe you like to be a little warmer, and you like to keep your home at 70 degrees all the time, or maybe you like to be a little cooler, and you like to keep your home at 65 degrees all the time.

Try to use your heater and air conditioning system to keep your home at a consistent temperature. By keeping your home at a consistent temperature, your air conditioner will not have to work as hard when you use it. Contact a company like CNR Air Conditioning Inc for more information and assistance.