Call An HVAC Contractor If You Notice These Three Issues With Your Air Conditioner

It's a comforting feeling to know that your home's air conditioner is running properly, especially when the weather forecast indicates that a heat wave is just around the corner. However, a broken-down air conditioner can quickly turn your cool and comfortable home into an environment that is hot and sweaty. It's worthwhile to be aware of the early warning signs that indicate something with the air conditioner isn't right. Upon noticing these symptoms, you can quickly have a licensed HVAC contractor visit your home to diagnose the problem and get it repaired in a timely manner. Here are three issues that should prompt you to call your contractor.

Reduced Flow Of Air

While it's possible that a closed air vent is causing a lack of airflow in the room in question, there are a variety of other issues that can cause this issue. The simplest is likely a blocked air filter, which is a likely culprit if you haven't taken the time to replace the filter on a consistent basis.

However, reduced airflow can also be indicative of a problem with the unit's blower or even a blockage in one of your home's air ducts. Regardless of the exact reason for the issue, your local HVAC contractor will be able to determine the cause and perform the necessary repairs to get the air conditioner working optimally again.

Home Not Cooling Down

Although things such as leaving your windows and doors open and running hot appliances can slow your air conditioner's ability to cool down your home in a timely manner, it's time to get your HVAC contractor on the phone if you're noticing that it's taking an excessively long time for the temperature to decrease in your living quarters. When your air conditioner isn't cooling your home, it could be a sign of a problem with the condenser unit. Dealing with the problem promptly can reduce the risk of further damage to the condenser.

Rattling Noise

Although your air conditioner isn't exactly silent when it runs, you shouldn't hear any noise beyond the sound of air moving and a gentle humming sound in the background. If you begin to hear a metallic-sounding rattle, it's a sign that the system might have loose parts somewhere. If left unattended, the parts can continue to loosen until they fail, which can put you in need of a major repair. It's best to have your contractor--like one from D & W Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.--look at the system right away.